Turn 4. Battle 6 (FREE-FOR-ALL) -


Turn 3. Battle 5a (Adventurers VS. Ostlanders) – Ambush! (Annual 2002). Ostlanders start with 3 treasures from their recent expedition in the rich houses of Glücksheim. They are ambushed by a group of Adventurers and cut to pieces. They still managed to keep their 3 treasures. The Ogre doesn’t enter the fray yet…

Casualties: None

Battle 5b (Marienburgers VS. Reiklanders) – Marienburgers win after an early loss (1 Youngblood and 1 Swordsmen) to the Reik’s crossbows! Voluntary rout following a well-delivered blunderbuss shot.

Casualties: 1 MAR Swordsmen; 2 REI Swordsmen; REI Champion (Barbus)

Turn 2. Battle 4 (FREE-FOR-ALL / 4 warbands) – Victory for the Ostlanders (their first one). Read the complete battle report (in French) to know what happened! Pictures coming soon.

Casualties: 1 MAR Swordsmen (on 9 fighters taken OOA!); 1 ADV Cannon fodder

Battle 3a (Ostlanders VS. Reiklanders) – Victory for the Reicks. Battle of projectiles with each side taking fortified positions on each side of trenches. Voluntary rout for the Ostlanders. They realised early in the game that they could not beat the accuracy of Reiklanders bowmen!

Casualties: None!

Battle 3b (Marienburgers VS. Adventurers) – Bloody game! Eight Marienburgers went OOA (all henchmen) while only three Adventurers were OOA (but 2 heroes: Elf & the Imperial Noble). As usual, the wizard only manged to get one fireball out on many tries. Voluntary rout of the Marienburgers resulted in another victory for the Adventurers. Bard Hired Sword was not considered worthy and was kicked in the groin by the Marienburg leader and left for dead in a dark alley…

Casualties: 1 MAR Swordsmen; 1 MAR Marksmen
MapTurn 2 Glücksheim map – Turn 2 (268kb)

Turn 1. Battle 1a (Reiklanders VS. Marienburgers) – Victory for the rich kids of Marienburg! A unbelievable electrical storm (D66 weather conditions = 66!) drove the game. The poor Reiklanders saw their Leader stricken to death by a lightning bolt on the very first turn! It went dowhill for them with two other members taken OOA by lightning. Marienburgers escaped from the storm unscathed (and took another Reik OOA with a well-placed bow shot). Will the Reiklander Captain remove the steel spikes on his fighter’s helmets? ;-)

Casualties: 1 REI Swordsmen

Battle 1b (Ostlanders VS. Adventurers) – The battle revolved around two bands setting up on each bank of a large river and throwing missile weapons at each others. The Adventurers wizard was somewhat successful at getting a couple of Fires of Uzul on the other side, eventually routing the Ostlanders which, by the way, had a LONG stroke of bad rolls. Victory 1 for the Adventurers.

Casualties: 1 OST Jaeger

Battle 2a (Adventurers VS. Reiklanders) – Scenario “Occupy” where one band needed to control 5 of the 7 buildings on the table to win… or rout the other band. The Reiklanders routed but it was a close game with a few heroes taken OOA on each side.

Casualties: ?

Battle 2b (Marienburgers VS. Ostlanders) – Same bridge as game 1b. The Marienburgers set up by the bridge and decided to send their Swordsmen + “Blunderbuster” running & charging on the other side. They miraculously made it (almost without a scratch) after the bad luck of the Ostlanders continued (they missed about fifteen attacks taking 5+ to hit; talk about probability here!). It was then only a question of time before the Swordsmen slash through the Kins and Jaegers of the Ostlanders!

Casualties: 1 OST Jaeger

MapTurn1 Glücksheim map – Turn 1 (267kb)

Turn 0. Scenario “Spawn Hunting”. Ostlanders (OST), Adventurers (ADV), and Marienburgers (MAR). Draw between Adventurers and Marienburgers. Ostlanders had to voluntary rout because of 3 members taken OOA by Chaos Spawn.

Casualties: 1 MAR Swordsmen, 1 ADV Cannon fodder

Map - Initial Setup Glücksheim map – Turn 0: Initial warband setup (309kb)


Owned territories (with available Hired sword)

A1 – ADV (Pathfinder – Hired)

A5 – REI (Goblin Lantern Bearer – Hired)

A7 – OST (Dwarf Treasure Hunter)

A8 – MAR (Kislev Ranger – Hired)

E1 – REI (Arabien Merchant)

N1 – MAR (Bard – Hired then killed by warband after one battle – too obnoxious!)

N2 – MAR (Duelist)

N4 – ADV (Shadow Warrior)

S3 – ADV (Warlock)

W3 – OST (Bounty Hunter)

W4 – OST (Dark Elf Assassin)

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