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Combat Commander: Europe (GMT)

I played Combat Commander: Europe for the first time this weekend. I will definitely buy this game and its expansions! You can read a nice review on BoardGameGeek that covers most of what I think about the game after one try. In short: Well-organized rulebook Nice, thick counters Battlefield chaos is awesome: do what […]

AAM Random Army Generator

A recent suggestion following my house rule: pre-battle rolls thread on the AAM board caught my attention. Qmark suggested a Random Army Generator. I first tought: “That’s completely crazy and unplayable!”. Then I started thinking… I believe this could generate some pretty funny games where you have to play with an assortment of units you […]

More casting for WWII village

I am casting more pieces to assemble my WWII modular village. How is it modular? Well, each building will be fixed on a small base to allow different map configurations. I will complete the buildings already started once I feel I have enough plaster pieces to make this village. You might also notice in the […]

Two nights of Axis & Allies Miniatures – Battle results

Rules: HHR cards with Der Leiter’s Campaign system (modified). Night #1: Scenario Battle of the Bulge (WotC) – GERMANY (200 pts.) Vs. US (200 pts.) Game was declared a draw (lack of time to finish it). German losses: – Jagdpanther (46) destroyed by a M4A1 Sherman after sustaining heavy damage from a M26 Pershing – […]

Normandy Hedges for 15mm WWII – WIP

Work in progress… Foam base; PVA basecoat + paint + sand; Furnace filter bushes.