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Entrance to the sewers.

  Beware of skavens! This sewer entrance is an entry point for skaven warbands in Mordheim games.

Miscellaneous terrain for RPG and miniature games

Archaeological excavation site

This was one of my first piece of terrain. It was inspired by an hobby article I saw on Games Workshop website. I wanted to use it for playing an encounter set in Stygia (Hyborian World of Robert E. Howard) in my Rolemaster Campaign. The group never got there… and I sold the scenery. No […]

Ruins of two houses on one terrain piece

  From start to finish. Last picture shows the buildings during a game of Mordheim.  

Hedges and crop fields

These nice little piece of scenery are so easy and so cheap to make! Also, this is the best use I ever got out of a coconut fibers carpet / rug!