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WIP – WW2 village

Plaster casts of WWII village molds

Here’s a shot of plaster castings from my WWII village mold. I sold the original mold on ebay.

Tutorial – How to make a Ruined Arena

You will need for this project: extruded foam, PVA glue, sand, baseboard, cheap acrylic paint, craft knives. 1. Cut your foam. Dry fit every part. Glue your foam together and on your baseboard. 2. Add texture (mix PVA – diluted with water – and paint; add sand) – the sloppy part! Wait for it to […]

More crop fields.

I was cleaning up my basement and found a piece of coconut rug that was left after making a few custom crop fields. I didn’t want to throw it out so I recycled it by making more crop fields for miniature gaming! Here’s the result:

Spawning pool / Water temple (lizardmen)