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More Firestorm Armada goodness!

I have not played Firestorm Armada yet. I read the rulebook and I like it. I figured gameplay would be much more interesting with more ship designs to build my fleet. Once again, I convinced my friend of ordering more Spartan Games models! I collect Sorylian and Dindrenzi; He collects Terran and Directorate. Our second […]

Space combat with Firestorm Armada

I have always been interested in space combat through Sci-Fi series/movies (Star Wars, Star Trek, and more), RPG games (ICE Spacemaster, WEG Star Wars D6 with Star Warriors starfighter combat, TSR Star Frontiers), and computer games (Homeworld, Space Empires…). This interest plus my fondness of miniature games brought me to┬áSpartan Games website and their lines […]

Battlestar Galactica: the ‘New’ Serie!

I just finished watching the season one of Battlestar Galactica! It is quite entertaining. I cannot wait to see season two, especially after the last 5 minutes of season one!!! I don’t watch much TV at all (about 2 hours per week; I only have 5 channels!). I spend much of my free time (outside […]