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Parchments Part III – Final pictures and scans for Ptolus Campaign

The following pictures show the final result of the previous post. Feel free to use them in your Ptolus game! Again, if you know who wrote these Ptolus broadsheets, please let me know! Enough talking, enjoy!      

RPG handouts: Parchments – Part II

This tutorial details my second batch of Parchment handouts to be used in my Ptolus D&D Campaign (Thanks to someone in the online community for providing the files – please let me know the author if you know who it is!). The first steps are similar to the previous homemade parchment post. This time, I […]

Tutorial: Homemade Parchment handouts for RPGs

When our group decides to start a new RPG campaign, I usually end up gamemastering, for many reasons. First, I like it (!). Second, I have some inspiration to get things going and I master many different rulesets/settings. Third, I take the time needed to prepare our games. This really makes a difference in my […]

Ptolus Campaign underway

The campaign is reaching its 4th IRL night and its one week of IG time. The players are now hooked on Ptolus! It’s easy as it is the more detailed city setting I have ever played with. Kudos to Monte Cook! I also want to mention the incredible job done by Skeleton Key Games‘ maps […]

Tutorial: Modular 2D maps with 6×6 inches tiles

I always wanted to have two-dimensional terrain tiles to play tabletop games. 2D terrain can be stored easily and doesn’t take much space! What I was missing was some good dungeon artwork. Fortunately, I stumbled on the excellent work of Ed Bourelle and his e-Adventure Tiles (bonus sample tiles here!). His business, Skeletonkey Games seem […]