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Brick (dwarf priest of Lothian) – Ptolus Campaign

I have been trying to find a dwarf wielding a longsword… with no luck! The best miniature I found to represent Brick, dwarf priest of Lothian, is a plastic, pre-painted Dwarf Mercenary from WotC D&D Miniatures. If anybody knows of a good Dwarf miniature with a longsword, please let me know! Axes and warhammers are […]

Fender Stratocaster (elf bard) – Ptolus Campaign

Miniature is Alfred Redlute by Reaper. Base was modified with green stuff to reflect a damp, dungeon crawl setting with a growing fungus on a spongy/mossy floor.

Atalycus (half-elf rogue) – Ptolus Campaign

Atalycus is a half-elf rogue in my Ptolus campaign. Miniature is a Shadow Warrior, from a blister of three, for Warhammer Fantasy Battle (Games Workshop).

Scar (litorian priest of Inurath) – Ptolus Campaign

I had a hard time finding a litorian miniature. I settled on using a Reaper – Dark Heaven Legends miniature for Scar until I find a more suitable one. I chose Damian Helthorne, Bandit. This human is tall and muscular, with long hair. I painted him with a litorian scheme (yellowish/brownish skin and hair). Original […]

Mini painting for Ptolus campaign (litorian & half-elf)

Wow! Almost one month since last post. I started my Ptolus Campaign using D&D 3.5 rules on December 23rd 2007. I will paint one miniature for each player character involved (4 so far, 1 more joining soon). I was not able to find a miniature for Scar, the litorian (lion men). I ended up using […]