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New projects

Many new projects started (WW2, Zombies, Cork buildings, Gladiators, trees, Nuts!…). Still working slowly on my Sorylians… At this rate, I should have my ships ready to play by 2023!

Painting a Sorylian Fleet – Part 2

Work slowly continues on my Sorylians. Only one Bombard ship left to basecoat in regal blue!

Painting a Sorylian Fleet – Part 1

Models for both Sorylians and Dindrenzi are all assembled, cleaned, primed and mounted on flight stands. I am starting to paint my Sorylian fleet. Colors will follow loosely the paint scheme Spartan Games has on their fleet box. Base color is Citadel Regal Blue (models need to be finished before I put a second coat). […]

Painted Undead Legionary

A quick note on my current project: painting as many of my unpainted miniatures as I can using the “Dipping method”. Here’s an undead legionary that took less than an hour to do.   

War of the Ring customization

War of the Ring is a great game. However, it is not always easy to fit all the miniatures in the right regions on the map because of space limitations. When I saw a custom version of the game on BGG using tokens, I was really interested to try it. I bought a bunch of […]