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Entrance to the sewers.

  Beware of skavens! This sewer entrance is an entry point for skaven warbands in Mordheim games.

Mordheim Campaign Turn 3 – 2 games

Battle 5a – Adventurers VS. Ostlanders. Scenario Ambush! (Annual 2002). Ostlanders start with 3 treasures from their recent expedition in the rich houses of Glücksheim. They are ambushed by a group of Adventurers and cut to pieces. They still managed to keep their 3 treasures. The Ogre doesn’t enter the fray yet… The Ogre is […]

Mordheim Tavern, Part II

Tavern is now glued on base. Wooden beams are in place for the balcony. I’m planning to have a removable back panel for the building to allow movement of troops inside the building.

Mordheim Tavern

I started building a tavern for our continuing Mordheim campaign: Darkness in Glücksheim. It’s been a while since we last played… Way too long! I want to add a balcony on at least two sides of the building. A platform will sit on the middle portion of the rooftop. I still haven’t decided how I […]

Ostlanders – Elder

(Note to myself: blurry picture – must change it with a better one). The Elder is trying to lead his men to Victory! He’s fast and agile like a panther (+1 Initiative)… “Follow me, you drunk bastards! Let’s leave our footprints in those Reiklanders’ butts!”