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Space combat with Firestorm Armada

I have always been interested in space combat through Sci-Fi series/movies (Star Wars, Star Trek, and more), RPG games (ICE Spacemaster, WEG Star Wars D6 with Star Warriors starfighter combat, TSR Star Frontiers), and computer games (Homeworld, Space Empires…). This interest plus my fondness of miniature games brought me to Spartan Games website and their lines […]

Painted Undead Legionary

A quick note on my current project: painting as many of my unpainted miniatures as I can using the “Dipping method”. Here’s an undead legionary that took less than an hour to do.   

Downsizing miniature collection: Ral Partha Aztecs and Incas

These miniatures have been in the darkness of a drawer for more than 15 years! Obviously, they were not part of any of my projects. They might have a brighter future with somebody else. Let me know if interested. I took them out of their blisters to take better pictures. 42-302 Aztec Warrior Priests 42-303 […]

More crop fields.

I was cleaning up my basement and found a piece of coconut rug that was left after making a few custom crop fields. I didn’t want to throw it out so I recycled it by making more crop fields for miniature gaming! Here’s the result:

Brick (dwarf priest of Lothian) – Ptolus Campaign

I have been trying to find a dwarf wielding a longsword… with no luck! The best miniature I found to represent Brick, dwarf priest of Lothian, is a plastic, pre-painted Dwarf Mercenary from WotC D&D Miniatures. If anybody knows of a good Dwarf miniature with a longsword, please let me know! Axes and warhammers are […]