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Ruined Outpost

This outpost was burned down many years ago during a goblin invasion…  

Bloodbowl pitch / field is ready for action!

I finally managed to finish the bloodbowl pitch I started in last April! I was about done the BB field in May but I got sidetracked by a million other things… The fact our group hasn’t decided on starting a BB league yet certainly helps delaying this project completion… Now it’s done. I will be […]

Bloodbowl Pitch

Another new project: building a portable Bloodbowl pitch. I’m using Hirst Arts blocks, extruded foam, and acrylic paint so far.

Treasure Pile!

I don’t have much time these days to work on my hobby. Here’s a small project I did in-between working full-time and working on a paper. This treasure pile is going to be handy as an objective when I start my next Mordheim Campaign! It was fun and fast to make too! I got this […]

Casting plaster with RTV silicone molds

I use plaster as a basic material to build many terrain pieces. I cast my plaster in RTV silicone molds. I own many molds of the Castlemolds serie (Hirst Arts Fantasy Architecture). I also made many custom mold using different RTV silicones. I found from my trials that the best ones for my uses are […]