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From a website to a blog… time to transfer old archives!

Before this blog, there was a website. One day, I decided that a blog was better for me: easier to maintain and organize. I prefer the log journal framework for putting information on the web, both for my own purpose and to share with the online community. This move left some of the website content […]

Storage of 3D terrain between floor joists

People usually end up taking up significant amounts of space as they build up their inventory of terrain pieces for different games and settings (for me: 25/28mm fantasy and 15mm WWII). That is unless you find a few tricks for efficient storage! I decided to make use of my basement ceiling joists. I made a […]

Modelling an Army of Edible Penguins!

I like to cook. I also like to make terrain for miniatures. Add 1 +1 and you get… edible penguins! I made these critters for my daughter’s birthday. She loved them! When my wife asked her what she liked the most about her birthday party, the first thing she mentioned was: “The Penguins!”. That’s my […]

Halloween – Pumpkin Time!

Gaming interest: Poll roundup

What gaming interest people drawn to my blog have? Results: 57% are interested in Miniature games, 29% in Roleplaying games, and 14% in Boardgames. It so far reflects the content I put on this site: many posts and feature pages on Mordheim and WWII Miniature games. I also write posts on terrain / scenery that […]