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Painted Undead Legionary

A quick note on my current project: painting as many of my unpainted miniatures as I can using the “Dipping method”. Here’s an undead legionary that took less than an hour to do.   

Tutorial – How to make a Ruined Arena

You will need for this project: extruded foam, PVA glue, sand, baseboard, cheap acrylic paint, craft knives. 1. Cut your foam. Dry fit every part. Glue your foam together and on your baseboard. 2. Add texture (mix PVA – diluted with water – and paint; add sand) – the sloppy part! Wait for it to […]

Spawning pool / Water temple (lizardmen)

Entrance to the sewers.

  Beware of skavens! This sewer entrance is an entry point for skaven warbands in Mordheim games.

Miscellaneous terrain for RPG and miniature games