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Plaster casts of WWII village molds

Here’s a shot of plaster castings from my WWII village mold. I sold the original mold on ebay.

Another batch of WWII terrain for sale

You bet! My wife finds I take up a little too much space in the basement with my miniatures and scenery! I read it’s a pretty common occurence among gamers… Anyhow, I decided to put another batch of items on eBay. Here are a few pictures of two trenche systems and a lot of ruined […]

Pictures of 3D Hills for Axis & Allies Miniatures

Desert Set (North Africa and such locations) – 11 pieces / 24 hexes: Mountain Set (anywhere) – 10 pieces / 24 hexes::

Set #3 all painted and ready to go!

I finished the last bit of drybrushing & spraying. Here’s how it looks like once assembled for a game of Mordheim underground…

Modular Dungeon Set #3

I’m back from my trip to the United States. I met many colleagues from across the border. It was nice and very informative! Before leaving, I sold my two modular dungeon sets on eBay. The gentlemen who bought them asked me if I had more dungeon pieces done. Hey, this is exactly the drive I […]