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Fender Stratocaster (elf bard) – Ptolus Campaign

Miniature is Alfred Redlute by Reaper. Base was modified with green stuff to reflect a damp, dungeon crawl setting with a growing fungus on a spongy/mossy floor.

Atalycus (half-elf rogue) – Ptolus Campaign

Atalycus is a half-elf rogue in my Ptolus campaign. Miniature is a Shadow Warrior, from a blister of three, for Warhammer Fantasy Battle (Games Workshop).

Scar (litorian priest of Inurath) – Ptolus Campaign

I had a hard time finding a litorian miniature. I settled on using a Reaper – Dark Heaven Legends miniature for Scar until I find a more suitable one. I chose Damian Helthorne, Bandit. This human is tall and muscular, with long hair. I painted him with a litorian scheme (yellowish/brownish skin and hair). Original […]

D&D Equipment cards (Beta)

Working on a set of equipment cards for my Ptolus campaign. I will be handing those cards during our next session of play.

Ptolus Campaign underway

The campaign is reaching its 4th IRL night and its one week of IG time. The players are now hooked on Ptolus! It’s easy as it is the more detailed city setting I have ever played with. Kudos to Monte Cook! I also want to mention the incredible job done by Skeleton Key Games‘ maps […]