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D&D Equipment cards

I have designed equipement cards for use in my D&D campaign. So far so good! My players love them. It makes it easy for everyone to keep track of their magic items. I made them with a software to create Magic The Gathering cards. Here’s a small assortment of cards:

Parchments Part III – Final pictures and scans for Ptolus Campaign

The following pictures show the final result of the previous post. Feel free to use them in your Ptolus game! Again, if you know who wrote these Ptolus broadsheets, please let me know! Enough talking, enjoy!      

RPG handouts: Parchments – Part II

This tutorial details my second batch of Parchment handouts to be used in my Ptolus D&D Campaign (Thanks to someone in the online community for providing the files – please let me know the author if you know who it is!). The first steps are similar to the previous homemade parchment post. This time, I […]

Tutorial: Homemade Parchment handouts for RPGs

When our group decides to start a new RPG campaign, I usually end up gamemastering, for many reasons. First, I like it (!). Second, I have some inspiration to get things going and I master many different rulesets/settings. Third, I take the time needed to prepare our games. This really makes a difference in my […]

Brick (dwarf priest of Lothian) – Ptolus Campaign

I have been trying to find a dwarf wielding a longsword… with no luck! The best miniature I found to represent Brick, dwarf priest of Lothian, is a plastic, pre-painted Dwarf Mercenary from WotC D&D Miniatures. If anybody knows of a good Dwarf miniature with a longsword, please let me know! Axes and warhammers are […]