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War of the Ring customization

War of the Ring is a great game. However, it is not always easy to fit all the miniatures in the right regions on the map because of space limitations. When I saw a custom version of the game on BGG using tokens, I was really interested to try it. I bought a bunch of […]

Valley of the Mammoths – Arrrrgh!

A fun and easy-to-learn game (altough I had to flip through the few pages of rules quite often but it was our first game ever). There isn’t a great deal of strategy involved and luck plays an important role, especially when wild animals enter play. We loved the cavemen tribe theme. First boardgame we played […]

Battle report for Combat Commander: Europe (CC:E)

I played my second game of Combat Commander: Europe by GMT Games. I was really looking forward to this second experience. I played Russians in my first game. I won by successfully storming the map (“For the Motherland!”) and keeping control of my objectives against an angry group of Germans. We played Scenario 12 this […]

Combat Commander: Europe (GMT)

I played Combat Commander: Europe for the first time this weekend. I will definitely buy this game and its expansions! You can read a nice review on BoardGameGeek that covers most of what I think about the game after one try. In short: Well-organized rulebook Nice, thick counters Battlefield chaos is awesome: do what […]

Tutorial: Modular 2D maps with 6×6 inches tiles

I always wanted to have two-dimensional terrain tiles to play tabletop games. 2D terrain can be stored easily and doesn’t take much space! What I was missing was some good dungeon artwork. Fortunately, I stumbled on the excellent work of Ed Bourelle and his e-Adventure Tiles (bonus sample tiles here!). His business, Skeletonkey Games seem […]