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BKC with AAM: US units WIP

Work in progress (slowly).

Blitzkrieg Commander and Axis & Allies miniatures – Part 2

I am still working very part time on my Blitzkrieg Commander stands with Axis & Allies miniatures. What’s left to be done? More stands (FAO, CO, HQ, Infantry, Artillery); drybrushing bases; painting uniforms in two generic colors (Americans VS. Germans). I might get these done eventually when we decide to try the game.

Blitzkrieg Commander and Axis & Allies miniatures – Part 1

You might remember that I’m planning to play Blitzkrieg Commander with Axis & Allies Miniatures. BKC rulebook was ordered last week and should arrive soon. Now I needed armies. Therefore, I started my project of putting together a number of stands using A&AM pieces. The first image shows my progress so far. The second image […]

A&A minis with other WWII game systems?

I already plan to use my Axis & Allies miniatures to play another WWII game: Nuts! That’s my main motivation to make 15mm terrain right now. The numerous gaming systems for WWII offer different levels of play: skirmish (1:1), squad, battalion, etc. I would eventually like to be able to try a higher level system […]