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Mordheim Campaign Turn 3 – 2 games

Battle 5a – Adventurers VS. Ostlanders. Scenario Ambush! (Annual 2002). Ostlanders start with 3 treasures from their recent expedition in the rich houses of Glücksheim. They are ambushed by a group of Adventurers and cut to pieces. They still managed to keep their 3 treasures. The Ogre doesn’t enter the fray yet… The Ogre is […]


My friends Global and Kilimangaro played another 120 points game yesterday. Axis & Allies is such a fun, simple game that doesn’t require lots of preparation. Bring your maps and miniatures and voilà! Kilimangaro (GE) – 120 points 1 x Wehrmacht Oberleutenant 2 x SS Stormtrooper 2 x Elite Panzer IV Ausf. D 1 x […]

AAM: Find the German scientists!

This is a battle report of a 3 players scenario written by Qmark (AAM board). See scenario here. It was a lot of fun! Defender: German 150 points army (Aquilonien) SS Haupstürmfuhrer 2 Fallschirmjaeger 1 SS Stormtrooper 1 Panzerschreck 1 MG-42

Churchill Crocodile Power!

My friends Global and Kilimangaro played a 120 points game yesterday where the Churchill Croc dominated the battle… Global (US/UK/CAN) – 120 points 3 x M1 Garand Rifle 2 x M4A1 Sherman 1 x Gloster Meteor 1 x Churchill Crocodille 2 x Entrenched Anti-tank Gun Kilimangaro (GE/IT) – 120 points 1 x SS-Panther Ausf. G […]

GERMANY 200pts Vs. SOVIET UNION 200pts

Battle report (Battle of 16-VIII-2007) Global (Germany) Vs. Aquilonien (Soviet Union) – 200 points each; 1 central objective German Army build SS Panther Ausf. G PzKpfw 38(T) Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer Sturmpanzer IV “Brummbär” Infantry Platoon (SS Haupst., 3x Mauser Kar, MG 42) Veteran Infantry Platoon (W.Oberlt., Mauser Kar, 2x W.Vet.Inf., Light Mortar, MG 42) Antitank […]