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Battle report for Combat Commander: Europe (CC:E)

I played my second game of Combat Commander: Europe by GMT Games. I was really looking forward to this second experience. I played Russians in my first game. I won by successfully storming the map (“For the Motherland!”) and keeping control of my objectives against an angry group of Germans. We played Scenario 12 this […]

Solitaire Scenario for Axis & Allies Miniatures (Der Leiter)

I found this solitaire scenario for AAM written by Der Leiter (thanks dude!). Here it is with a short battle summary and pictures at the end of the post. My score was 76 points with the US reinforced Rifle Platoon and a M4A3 (105) Sherman. I got slowly slaughtered by the Japs with each successive […]

Second game of Race to Berlin (AAM)

Takarongo Point Battle Report (AAM)

After playing the Ludendorff Bridge scenario (see Tom Weasle’s Axis & Allies Miniatures blog), I was looking forward to try SgtFury’s (et al.) Eastern Betio Island scenario set in Central Pacific. This scenario pits 100 points of defending Japanese against 120 points of attacking US troops. US must control two of the three objectives by […]

Ludendorff Bridge Battle Report (AAM)

I am getting a bit tired of secretly building armies and then revealing them to your opponent to play a game. Often you realize that you are missing one or two units that would really make a difference. Therefore, I started to look at scenarios where you have prebuild armies and different rules. I’m hoping […]