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AAM: Find the German scientists!

This is a battle report of a 3 players scenario written by Qmark (AAM board). See scenario here. It was a lot of fun! Defender: German 150 points army (Aquilonien) SS Haupstürmfuhrer 2 Fallschirmjaeger 1 SS Stormtrooper 1 Panzerschreck 1 MG-42

Churchill Crocodile Power!

My friends Global and Kilimangaro played a 120 points game yesterday where the Churchill Croc dominated the battle… Global (US/UK/CAN) – 120 points 3 x M1 Garand Rifle 2 x M4A1 Sherman 1 x Gloster Meteor 1 x Churchill Crocodille 2 x Entrenched Anti-tank Gun Kilimangaro (GE/IT) – 120 points 1 x SS-Panther Ausf. G […]

Axis Allies homemade 3-inch scale 3D hills

This set of 3D hills are based on the 3-inch scale of the Axis & Allies miniatures Expanded rules. I put them on ebay to see if anybody would be interested (All my auctions). I’m not sure how many wargamers use this 3″ scale versus the 2″ scale per hex. Our group has only tried […]

GERMANY 200pts Vs. SOVIET UNION 200pts

Battle report (Battle of 16-VIII-2007) Global (Germany) Vs. Aquilonien (Soviet Union) – 200 points each; 1 central objective German Army build SS Panther Ausf. G PzKpfw 38(T) Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer Sturmpanzer IV “Brummbär” Infantry Platoon (SS Haupst., 3x Mauser Kar, MG 42) Veteran Infantry Platoon (W.Oberlt., Mauser Kar, 2x W.Vet.Inf., Light Mortar, MG 42) Antitank […]

AAM 3D terrain – August

I made some progress on new 3D hills in 3-inch hex scale for Axis & Allies miniatures. I also tried to make a few AAMN – War at Sea islands. They have their base color on with one layer of drybrushing. I’m not sure for the next step for the hills. Should I leave them […]