Settlers of Catan 3D tiles

One of the best board game I ever played is Settlers of Catan. One day I saw this incredible custom 3D set of SoC tiles on the internet. Wow! What a great idea to make this game even more fun! It was certainly worth investing quite a few hours into the making of these tiles (making masters, molds, casting plaster, painting with four layers of color, one coat of brushed varnish and one coat of “dullcote” varnish). Funny thing is we haven’t played a single game of Settlers since I finally finished my 3D board! :-( Our group is too busy with excellent games such as Rolemaster / Spacemaster, Mordheim, D20, etc. The day will come…

SoC Plaster Tiles SoC Tiles painting in progress SoC Water tiles

Catan custom 3D tiles board

Edit: I just added a Settlers of Catan Boards picture collection page. I found lots of cool (and weird!) custom SoC boards when I was looking for inspiration when I designed my own 3D tiles. I’m glad to share those pictures with you. Check out the Pizza Settlers or the Gingerbread Settlers!

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6 Responses to Settlers of Catan 3D tiles

  1. S_Clover

    Nice! I made a Catan board using colored cardboards. Homemade tiles makes the game more interesting to play IMO. Did you also make roads, city markers, cards. How about resource markers? I see an empty space on the sea hexagon…

  2. S_Clover: I didn’t make roads, city tokens, or cards. I used the ones from the boxed game. However, I made custom resource markers for sea ports. I’ll post a picture eventually. You can send me a picture of your custom board if you have one. I’ll put it up with the others!

  3. Jared

    How did you make your molds?! I want to try this.

  4. You can find all the information you need on Gerard Boom website:

  5. Travis

    Do you sell the game pieces or the mold to make the pieces? I agree with the crazy price of the origional 3D but I could never make somethign like this.

  6. Marcus

    Hey, what material did you use to create the masters for the Catan tiles? I tried modelling clay, but it doesn’t seem to have perfectly fitting characteristics.

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