A&A minis with other WWII game systems?

I already plan to use my Axis & Allies miniatures to play another WWII game: Nuts! That’s my main motivation to make 15mm terrain right now. The numerous gaming systems for WWII offer different levels of play: skirmish (1:1), squad, battalion, etc. I would eventually like to be able to try a higher level system than the skirmish level of Nuts! and extend the game life of my scenery. Blitzkrieg Commander (Fast-Play Tabletop Wargame Rules For Combined-Arms Operations, 1936-45) caught my attention. Reviews are good. However, I will have to figure out how to base my A&A minis to play this game. Also, I don’t know if I have enough miniatures to build interesting armies. I just have to bite the bullet and order the rulebook (about 55$ including shipping to Canada). Maybe after I sell more items on ebay

A&AM Germany Lot

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