More Firestorm Armada goodness!

I have not played Firestorm Armada yet. I read the rulebook and I like it. I figured gameplay would be much more interesting with more ship designs to build my fleet. Once again, I convinced my friend of ordering more Spartan Games models! I collect Sorylian and Dindrenzi; He collects Terran and Directorate. Our second order (via ebay) consisted of:

  • Directorate: Carrier, Heavy Cruiser, Escorts
  • Terran: Carrier, Heavy Cruiser, Escorts
  • Dindrenzi: Carrier, Escorts
  • Sorylian: Carrier, Heavy Cruiser, Gunship, Escorts
  • FSA deck of 52 game cards

FSA 2nd Order

Note: I started gluing and basecoating my Dindrenzi fleet. It took a significant amount of time to clean flash from the models and sand all pieces to make them fit but the result is great!

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