Space combat with Firestorm Armada

I have always been interested in space combat through Sci-Fi series/movies (Star Wars, Star Trek, and more), RPG games (ICE Spacemaster, WEG Star Wars D6 with Star Warriors starfighter combat, TSR Star Frontiers), and computer games (Homeworld, Space Empires…). This interest plus my fondness of miniature games brought me to Spartan Games website and their lines of miniatures for their three games: The Uncharted Seas, Dystopian Wars, and Firestorm Armada (FSA). After reading a few reviews on their pure Sci-Fi game FSA, I wanted to give it a try.

 Firestorm Armada Banner

The game system is appealing: streamlined (not too complicated) yet with many strategic decisions, each race/faction ships have different strengths/approach, starter fleets are affordable compared to other spaceship combat games, many models are nice sculpts. Also, FSA would fill a void in my game collection: spaceship combat games! I convinced a friend and we both ordered two starter fleets from Meeplemart. I bought one “good” race, the Sorylian Collective, and one “evil” race, the Dindrenzi Federation. See pictures below showing each fleet – cleaned and glued. My friend got Terran Alliance and The Directorate.

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