War of the Ring customization

War of the Ring is a great game. However, it is not always easy to fit all the miniatures in the right regions on the map because of space limitations. When I saw a custom version of the game on BGG using tokens, I was really interested to try it. I bought a bunch of wooden game pieces from Bear Wood Supply Co. in Nova Scotia. I started to paint the discs using cheap acrylic paint (Folkart at Walmart). I chose colors according to the political boundaries found in the game (Sauron is red, Rohan is dark green, Isengard is yellow, etc.). Here’s how it looks so far:

WoR tokens WIP

These are 3/4 inch tokens that will be used for Elite troups. Regulars and leaders will be represented by 1/2 inch tokens.

Next step will be to find a way to put icons on the tokens to represent Elites, Regulars, and Leaders.

In addition to tokens, I will be using game miniatures for the Ringbearers, Companions, Minions and Monster.

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  1. Update: All my discs are painted. My photoshop file with all icons is almost finished. I ordered two punches (1/2″ and 3/4″). I’ll use them both to make round stickers for the discs.