Downsizing miniature collection: Ral Partha Aztecs and Incas

These miniatures have been in the darkness of a drawer for more than 15 years! Obviously, they were not part of any of my projects. They might have a brighter future with somebody else. Let me know if interested.

I took them out of their blisters to take better pictures.

42-302 Aztec Warrior Priests

42-303 Aztec Eagle Knights

42-305 Aztec Arrow Knights

42-306 Aztec Warrior Bowmen

42-307 Aztec Warrior Slingers

42-322 Auquiconia Bodyguards (1 pose)

42-324 Chimor Warriors (2 poses)

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4 Responses to Downsizing miniature collection: Ral Partha Aztecs and Incas

  1. Kent

    I’m looking for these types of figures for a game if they are still up for sale, but about what size are they? how much? and would you be willing to just sell me a few?
    Thanks for your time,

  2. Hi Kent. I sold a bunch of them. They are 20mm. I can look if I have more of these if you’re interested by 20mm scale.

  3. Hi,
    I’m interested to buy Chimor warriors, they are still avalaible?
    Thanks and rgds

  4. Sorry. I sold them all. Thanks.

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