Tutorial – How to make a Ruined Arena

You will need for this project: extruded foam, PVA glue, sand, baseboard, cheap acrylic paint, craft knives.

1. Cut your foam. Dry fit every part. Glue your foam together and on your baseboard.


2. Add texture (mix PVA – diluted with water – and paint; add sand) – the sloppy part! Wait for it to dry.


3. Paint (black basecoat, raw umber undercoat, raw sienna heavy drybrush, light grey drybrush). On the image, the light grey drybrush was done only on the top-right corner piece of the arena for demonstration.


4. Let dry. Varnish (matte) if you want it to last longer on the gaming table.



5. Play with it! The following image showcase a multiplayer Mordheim skirmish between a Skaven warband, a Drak Elf warband, and an Ostlanders warband.


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3 Responses to Tutorial – How to make a Ruined Arena

  1. Josh S

    This is great stuff. Are there general guidelines for adapting games like AAM which normally use hexes to a no-map situation using three dimensional buildings, etc?

  2. I’ve never done it. However, you can use your AAM miniatures with other rulesets. There are tons of them. I’m sure you can find one that suits your needs: Blitzkrieg Commander, Nuts!…

  3. Thanks so much for the Ruined Arena tutorial, I’m going to spend this weekend building one (will post a picture of it here in a week or so!)

    Pretty neat stuff.

    - Sandra, “I’m a RPG nerd”

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