Nuts! WWII skirmish rules

After browsing through a bunch of game systems for WWII, I finally settled my choice on Nuts! by Two Hour Wargames. I downloaded the PDF rulebook and it looks like an awesome system. It appears to blend a few RPG elements (campaigns, character advancement, reaction rolls) into a miniature wargame. It also contains army lists for Germany, USSR, USA and UK, including armor. Here’s the description of the game from the THW website:

The Game of Man to Man Combat in WW 2
NUTS! (*) General Anthony McAuliffe – US Army Bastogne, Belgium December 22nd 1944Half your squad is pinned down from light machine gun fire and two of your men are wounded and screaming for help. Another one of your guys is “hunkered down” behind that wall and isn’t moving anytime soon. All hell’s breaking loose around you and everyone is looking to you for answers. Right about now you’re wondering what the heck you’ve gotten yourself into. Welcome to the world of “NUTS!”"NUTS!” starts off in 1944 Europe and covers squad to platoon size actions. Want to play something larger? Sure, go ahead; once you’ve learned the simple but elegant mechanics “NUTS!” you’ll soon be running a company! All the info you need covering the infantry and armor of the major powers in Europe ’44 is found here in “NUTS!” Free supplements will be made available that cover the other war years and combatants. Everything you need to get started gaming in the most popular year of the most popular gaming period is right here!

The campaign system generates your “Missions” and links them together in a simple yet realistic way. “NUTS!” also features a character advancement system that allows you to “personalize” your troops. Watch them progress from “green” replacements to “battle hardened” veterans while under your expert command. We’ve designed “NUTS!” to be played with any figures you already have and in any scale! So pull out those favorite figures, get ready to have some fun, and remember… JUST PLAY THE GAME!

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