D&D Equipment cards

I have designed equipement cards for use in my D&D campaign. So far so good! My players love them. It makes it easy for everyone to keep track of their magic items. I made them with a software to create Magic The Gathering cards. Here’s a small assortment of cards:


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4 Responses to D&D Equipment cards

  1. Josh a.k.a SickBoy

    This sounds like a great idea. I was just looking for something like this. What I was gonna do was pull the items I wanted off of the PDF books I have and transfer the info over to Illustrator, hence designing my own sort of cards, but I like the direction you’re taking this.

  2. Thanks. It turned out that I didn’t have enough time to produce the cards for each week’s game. I have an archive of close to 500 item images if you’re interested.



  3. BeChill

    I know it has been a couple years since this was posted, but is there anyway to get a copy of those images, or at least what you used to make them as I love the idea and want to use it for 3.5 campaigns.

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