RPG handouts: Parchments – Part II


This tutorial details my second batch of Parchment handouts to be used in my Ptolus D&D Campaign (Thanks to someone in the online community for providing the files – please let me know the author if you know who it is!). The first steps are similar to the previous homemade parchment post. This time, I toned my dipping brew with brown (red, yellow and blue food coloring added to boiling water, instant coffee, and a bag of black tea – because it smells good!). I wanted to have different parchment looks: off-the-press, old/wrinkled (like the one in the picture below), with blood and/or stains, etc. It is better to tear and rip your paper now if you want to have a damaged look to your handouts. The drying process makes these damages appear quite realistic (much better anyway than if you try to do them on dry paper).


Handouts were left to dry on thick cardboard. I added red food coloring drips on a few of them to look as blood. It turned out a bit too clear for dried blood. I tried to fix it with black ink while the paper was drying. It worked okay (see this post for final pictures).


Here’s the second batch drying… More pictures of the ready-to-use handouts in the next post…



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