Ptolus Campaign underway

The campaign is reaching its 4th IRL night and its one week of IG time. The players are now hooked on Ptolus! It’s easy as it is the more detailed city setting I have ever played with. Kudos to Monte Cook! I also want to mention the incredible job done by Skeleton Key Games‘ maps creator, Ed Bourelle. I use a few of his cartographic material. Last night we played “Trouble with Goblins” with maps printed and glued on cardboard in the same way I prepared my modular 2D map tiles. They are great-looking. My players really enjoyed them. Add a few 3D props (unpainted unfortunately for now) and you get everything you need for a rewarding encounter – even for Scar the litorian who was taken out of action again (3rd night in a row!) [Evil DM Grin].


IRL: in real life
IG: in game

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