Solitaire Scenario for Axis & Allies Miniatures (Der Leiter)

I found this solitaire scenario for AAM written by Der Leiter (thanks dude!). Here it is with a short battle summary and pictures at the end of the post.

My score was 76 points with the US reinforced Rifle Platoon and a M4A3 (105) Sherman. I got slowly slaughtered by the Japs with each successive tokens activating. I faced no less than 7 Arisaka Rifles, 3 SNLF Paratroopers, 6 SNLF Fanatic, 3 Honor-bound Hero, 1 Type 87 Armored Car, 1 Type 92 MG Team in Pillbox, 1 Type 95 Ha-Go, and 3 47mm Type 1 ATG! I managed to get my SHerman in the last town and revealed the last token: a 47mm ATG at close range! Opportunity Fire exploded my tank. That got rid of my last unit. It was turn 10. I enjoyed this game although I’d rather play against another opponent.

This game is more of a generalized scenario than a specific battle. It can be used as part of the Island hopping campaign of the Allies against Japan, or perhaps some of the action on the mainland. The objective could be a Japanese base, an occupied city, or a POW Camp.

You are the Allies. Your opponent is the Japanese.
A choice of units is listed below.
Japanese forces are chosen randomly; see below.



Deploy your soldiers in the Deployment Area marked. Any excess units that cannot fit in the deployment area may begin on a half-hex adjacent to it – however they must move off of it by the end of turn 1′s casualty phase or they are eliminated.

Your Vehicles move onto the map during your turn 2 movement phase; moving onto any hex in your deployment area that is adjacent to the map edge.

Place a token in each hex marked with a “?”. These represent possible locations of Japanese forces. See Special Rules for details.


The game lasts for 10 turns.
Score points equal to the value of enemy units destroyed.
Score an additional 20 points per town hex controlled and 10 points per town hex contested.
Lose 10 points per town hex the Japanese control.


Initiative: The Japanese Player will always choose to move first.

Revealing Tokens:

After deployment reveal any tokens that are within 4 hexes and LOS; these units do NOT get to

Opportunity Fire.

Whenever a unit moves within 4 hexes AND has LOS to a token reveal the token immediately (interrupts your movement). Revealed units are placed in the same hex as the token if possible; or in any
adjacent hex closer to the city if not (you pick).

Opportunity Fire
Whenever a unit is revealed (except, as noted, during deployment) they may make an immediate defencive-fire attack.

Playing the Japanese
Use the Japanese forces aggressively. Arisakas, Fanatics, and Heroes will charge enemy units. They will not move if doing so provokes defencive-fire (SNLF Fanatics will but only if they will no proboke any BARs, Brens, or Flamethrowers). Support weapons will attempt to disrupt as many of your units as possible (Starting with those closest to their infantry); they should keep to cover and only move if they can’t see the enemy. Tanks & Tankettes should close in and attempt to get rear shots; if they can’t get a decent shot they will hide behind cover. If a unit can’t do anything useful it should fall back to the city.

Setting Priorities (Optional)
Thise is a guideline to aid the player to decide what the Japanese units attack, or whether they choose to move.The basic priority of any potential target is:

(Attacker’s Dice) – (Target’s Defence), and modify as follows (for each potential target):

+Initiative Modifier (Commanders only)
+1 if a Bazooka or PIAT
+2 if a BAR, Bren, or Vickers MG
-1 if the target is in cover
-2 if the target has a face-down disrupted counter
-3 if the target cannot harm the attacker at this range

If the attack cannot see a target with priority 2 or higher move it instead unless:

a) the unit has a face-down destroyed counter it will fire if there are any legal targets.
b) Moving would provoke defencive-fire from a Bren, BAR, or Flamethrower
c) Moving would provoke defencive-fire (except if they are going second).

; in which case they will fire at the highest priority target they have the potential to hit (If none then simply move them closer).

In case of a tie in priorities use these tiebreakers:

1. Whichever unit is closest to the attacker
2. If still tied, then whichever unit is closest to the objective
3. If stilled tied, then roll off between the final units.


Defend the Objective
At the end of any phase that you have a unit in one of the city hexes reveal all tokens. The Japanese player’s priority is to remove your units in the city, and prevent further units from entering.


The Allied Player must chose to play either the UK or US; you may only use units of that nation.


INFANTRY (25 Points)

1 Red Devil Captain

(25 Points) US (Reinforced) Rifle Platoon

1x BAR Gunner
1x M2 Mortar
1x Bazooka
5x M1 Garand Rifles

(25 Points) US Marine (Reinforced) Rifle Platoon

1x BAR Gunners
2x M2-2 Flamethrower
5x Marine Riflemen

ARMOUR (25 Points)

(25 Points) US M4A1 Section

1x M4A1 Sherman

(25 Points) US M3 Lee Section (Max 1)

1x M3 Lee

(25 Points) US Assault Gun Section (Max 1)

1x M4A3 (105) Sherman


INFANTRY (25 Points)

1 Inspiring Lieutenant

(25 Points) Australian Rifle Platoon

1x Bren Gunner
5x Veteran SMLE

(25 Points) British Rifle Platoon

1x Vickers MG Team
1x Bren Gunner
5x SMLE Infantry

(25 Points) Gurkha Rifle Platoon

1x Vickers MG Team
1x Bren Gunner
4x Gurkha Infantry

ARMOUR (25 Points)

(25 Points) British Light Section

1x Crusader II
1x M3 Stuart OR Valentine II

(25 Points) British Grant Section

1x M3 Lee

(25 Points) British Tank Section

1x Cromwell IV OR M4A1 Sherman
Ignore Vanguard; instead add +1 SMLE to your force.


Whenever a token is revealed roll 2D6:
Note while there may be more than one Honour-Bound Hero, only one may be played from each token.
Minefields are placed in the same hex as the triggering unit; if the initial deployment causes there to be multiple triggering units roll off between hexes. A second minefield from the same token is placed in the same hex as the token was in.
Barbed Wire is placed so that at least one edge of the revealed token’s hex is covered. A second piece of barbed wire from the token may be placed anywhere touching the first piece.
Tank Obstacles may be placed in any hex adjaent to the revealed token; place it wherever would be most effective. A second tank obstacle from a the token is placed adjacent to the first.

So there you have Der Leiter’s first Soliatire Scenario. He’d appreciate any feedback (and scores if you try it out).


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2 Responses to Solitaire Scenario for Axis & Allies Miniatures (Der Leiter)

  1. Josh S

    This is awesome. Are there more?

  2. I’m not sure if there were more solitaire scenarios developed by the AAM community. Scenarios are the way to go. I don’t like battles where you secretly select your forces. Games often start with a clear advantage for one side.

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