Ludendorff Bridge Battle Report (AAM)

I am getting a bit tired of secretly building armies and then revealing them to your opponent to play a game. Often you realize that you are missing one or two units that would really make a difference. Therefore, I started to look at scenarios where you have prebuild armies and different rules. I’m hoping these games will be more balanced.

I found this Ludendorff Bridge scenario on Tom Weasle’s Axis & Allies Miniatures blog. The US must take the city on the other bank of the Rhine river by crossing the bridge. It is a 193 points US versus 199 points Germany battle. See blog above for army lists and scenario details. I printed the maps for the game in a hurry and found out my color ink cartridge was almost empty. That’s why maps are funny-looking, although it didn’t distract us from our game. :-)


Turn 1. Germany wins initiative: going first. 2 Sandbagged MG get only a disrupt on a Thompson Gunner (on 4 rolls!). Werhmacht Sniper kills M2 Mortar; MG42 kills Quad50. US M1 81mm Mortar disrupt Sandbagged MG (cover roll at -1 succeeded); M2 Mortar disrupts Kar.

Turn 2. US wins initiative: they charge on the bridge! M1 Garand kills one Sandbagged MG; BAR covering fire on other SB MG. Panzer IV G reinforcements arrive. Fortress Defender kills Thompson Gunner. Two Garands start to swim across the Rhine river.
Turn 3. Germany wins initiative. A bloody turn starts! MG42 kills BAR; SB MG kills Garand; Sniper disrupts BAR; Mortar kills BAR; Kar disrupts Thompson; Kar disrupts Garand in water. US Garand disrupts remaining SB MG; M4A1 kils MG42.


Turn 4. Germany wins initiative. Another bloody turn for the poor Americans! Fortress Defender kills Garand; Panzer IV kills Thomson Gunner; Kar kills Mortar; Kar disrupts Garand; SB MG kills BAR. M1 Mortar kills SB MG (finally!).

Turn 5. Germany wins initiative: US must move first. Pershing destroys Panzer IV; M4A1 disrupts second Panzer IV; M1 81mm kills sGrW Mortar. For Germany, Kar kills another Garand; PAK40 explodes a M4A1 Sherman; Sniper kills another BAR Gunner.

Turn 6. Germany wins initiative: US must move first. M1 81mm Mortar kills Kar; M4A1 kills secondPanzer IV. Before exploding, Panzer IV destroys M4A1 at point blank range. Combined fire from the two PAK40 succeed in destroying the M26 Pershing (which fails its cover roll).

LudendorffTurn6 LudendorffTurn6b

Turn 7. Germany wins initiative: go US boys! Mortar kills another Kar. Sd Kfz 251 kills last Garand; Panzerfaust destroys Jeep; and to end the game: Werhmacht Sniper kills Red Devil Captain (6 out of 6 success!). US is not contesting the city by the bridge: Germany wins!


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5 Responses to Ludendorff Bridge Battle Report (AAM)

  1. FreeFrench

    Did you enjoy the scenario? Tom Weasle and I enjoyed making it. And we made it for the same reason you wanted to play it: we’re tired of revealing armies to discover that we’ve forgotten a crucial unit or that there’s an imbalance that makes the outcome a forgone conclusion. Thanks for the reference.

  2. Tom Weasle

    Thanks for taking the time to play the scenario and for a write up.

    We have played this scenario a few times with our averages being 10-6 in favour of the Germans. The outcome rides predominantly on the first round’s initiative (to the extent that a few of our players don’t like this scenario because of that). Should the US win the first initiative, the BAR gunners are devastating; allowing the Americans to eliminate quite a bit of the German threat and an opportunity to get the Jeep onto the other side. A big downfall to the US is the slow movement of the units across the bridge as it is best to keep units at one unit per hex (having two disrupted unit in one hex on the bridge means no other unit can get passed)

    We also made this with the intention of it being a two-part game but we ended up liking it as a one part. However, feel free to chop and change the rule as you see fit and by all means let us know as we would like to play your version as well.

    Once again thanks for taking the time for a write-up ;)

  3. I should be thanking you guys for taking the time to make this scenario and, more importantly, sharing it with the AAM community! One thing I would change would be to allow soldiers to move one-hex per turn across the river without having to make movement rolls. It is already deadly enough, especially with a camouflaged Werhmacht sniper on the other bank of the river! Also, since the Germans are defending (and the US must go through a funnel), I’m wondering if Germans don’t have too many points (199) compared to the US attacker (193). Maybe I’ll drop a few Kar, a Panzerfaust, and a SS-Haupsturmfürer.

    Any other scenario in the works Tom or FreeFrench?

  4. Tom Weasle

    Work has been crazy, so time is at a minimum, so scenarios are on hold for now.

    Also we put things on hold to see what the new maps were like. We should get back onto that soon.

    I would, however, suggest you give Sgt Fury’s scenarios a go, they are very good. I haven’t had the time to post all his stuff but you should find them on the Scenario Forum.

    For the Ludendorff Map you can balance the scenario out with any one of the following (should you find the US to be weak):

    1) US wins first initiative
    2) US receives an extra jeep
    3) US receives a bazooka
    4) Germany receives only one Panzer IV reinforcement
    5) ‘LIMITED RAFTS’: Any THREE US units with the soldier ability (but not with the relocate ability) may cross the river using a boat/raft. The first round a unit enters a full water hex, that unit may not move during that rounds assault phase. Units on rafts/boats and in full water hexes may not make attacks in the assault phase

  5. Those are great suggestions Tom. I shall give it a try!

    Regarding Sgt.Fury’s scenario, I printed all the Betio maps just yesterday! I’m looking forward to play the 2-3 scenarios available. I am the only player in our group that has any significant amount of Japanese units so I’ll the one defending Betio I guess! :-)

    Thanks again for your feedback.

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