GESniperMy friends Global and Kilimangaro played another 120 points game yesterday. Axis & Allies is such a fun, simple game that doesn’t require lots of preparation. Bring your maps and miniatures and voilĂ !

Kilimangaro (GE) – 120 points
1 x Wehrmacht Oberleutenant
2 x SS Stormtrooper
2 x Elite Panzer IV Ausf. D
1 x Sturmpanzer IV Brummbär
1 x Focke Wulf FW 190A
1 x Wehrmacht Expert Sniper
1 x BMW R75
1 x Panzerfaust 42

Global (UK) – 120 points
1 x Centurion A41
1 x Cromwell IV
1 x Churchill Crocodile
1 x 40mm Bofors L60
1 x Gurkha Riflemen

Turn 1
UK advance VS. entrenched GE.

Turn 2
GE offensive. BMW takes out Bofors. Elite Panzer A takes out Cromwell. Counter-attack: Cromwell destroys Elite Panzer A.

Turn 3
Objective taken by GE infantry. Brummbar/BMW VS. Ghurka = nothing.

Turn 4
Brummbar kills Ghurka. Crocodile fries Stormtrooper A.

Turn 5
All shots miss.

Turn 6
Sniper “headshots” Crocodile. Wehrmacht Oberleutenant Angriff/Close Assault Crocodile and destroys it! Panzerfaust Angriff/Close Assault Centurion and blows it to pieces! Croc explodes Elite Panzer B. Centurion takes out Brummbar with its Armor-piercing round.

After turn 6, UK has no units left on the map: GE wins!

Congrats to Kilimangaro for this win!

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