Tutorial: Modular 2D maps with 6×6 inches tiles

I always wanted to have two-dimensional terrain tiles to play tabletop games. 2D terrain can be stored easily and doesn’t take much space! What I was missing was some good dungeon artwork. Fortunately, I stumbled on the excellent work of Ed Bourelle and his e-Adventure Tiles (bonus sample tiles here!). His business, Skeletonkey Games seem to have been around for a few years. He has a very nice and extensive selection of packages: dungeons, caves, sewers, inns, wilderness, tombs, desert, spacecrafts, hives, temples, lairs, warehouses… I bought a few e-Adventure tiles packs (mostly dungeons and caves) that I intend to use for Roleplaying games (Dungeons & Dragons, Rolemaster, Warhammer, etc.) and for Miniature games (Blood Bowl / Dungeon Bowl rules, Mordheim with underground rules, .45 Adventure, Two Hour Wargame rulesets, etc.).

Here’s a short tutorial detailing how I am building my 2D modular tiles using SKG e-tiles.

Step 1. Get yourself a pack of self adhesive vinyl floor tile (12″ x 12″). They’re pretty cheap. I got mine at my DIY store (RONA) for 0.46$CAD per tile.


Step 2. Cut them in half. Use an Exacto knife and a steel ruler to score the surface of the tile. Fold it in two to break it in two 6″ x 12″ rectangles.


Step 3. Cut each rectangle in half as in step 2. You end up with four 6″ x 6″ tiles for each square-foot tile.


Step 4. Print your dungeon artwork on regular paper and cut it to 6″ x 6″ size. Peel the paper from the back of the tile and glue your dungeon to it.


Step 5. Play with your modular (and awesome looking) tiles! :-)


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4 Responses to Tutorial: Modular 2D maps with 6×6 inches tiles

  1. Julio

    Hi, wow.. thanks for this tip… i just found some vinyl tile at my local lowes for .38 cents each… however, i can’t find anywhere how thick they are because i’m pretty sure storage will be an issue… how do you organized them, etc? thanks.

    • I use a long and narrow cardboard box. Tiles stand up so I can flip through to find the ones I need.

  2. Good answer back in return of this difficulty with solid arguments and telling all on the topic of that.

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