AAM Random Army Generator – Version 2

The RAG v.2

Axis RAG lists (PDF – 16kb)

Allies RAG lists (PDF – 20kb)

Revised rules (changes are italicized):

1. Agree on a point total.
2. Decide how many points each side can allocate to obstacles.
3. Pick a side and a map configuration.
4. Each player build their army by rolling on the appropriate table (Axis or Allies). Axis have 106 units available and Allies have 129 units (both including support units and obstacles).

a) Roll D6, 1-3: Common unit table, 4-5: Uncommon, 5-6: Rare.

b) Roll D68 (i.e. D6 for first digit; D8 for second digit; 48 possibilities)

5. Roll until army build breaks point total determined in step 1.
6. Roll two more times and discard any number of units until you reach your point total (or less).
7. Most importantly, have fun and don’t worry about historical accuracy!

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One Response to AAM Random Army Generator – Version 2

  1. Bohemian Rhapsody49

    Thanks for the Random Army Generator Tables. Of course, I had to tweak it a little bit seeing how I don’t have an eight-sided die or all the units in the first five sets.

    However, I noticed that you made a few mistakes for the cost of some units like the Junkers JU 87G Stuka. You have it at the cost of 19 points when it actually costs 21 points.

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